Dec 09, 2022 / Money Tips

Helpful Holiday Savings Ideas

The holidays have always been expensive—the presents, the food, the family gatherings. But this year, the holidays may cost just a little bit more. It’s no secret that record inflation has caused costs to skyrocket. Consumer prices are rising quickly, and that means this year most people will spend more money for less Christmas. If that seems like an unfair concept (or the sinister plot of an epic holiday poem), we agree and we want to help. Here are a few ways you can beat inflation and save money this holiday season.

Save Smarter

One way to offset the increase in holiday costs is to find ways to earn more interest for your money. With the right savings account, you can save up for holiday purchases (and put away a portion of your money for a long winter’s nap) while earning extra cash. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long! We’ve recently increased our savings account interest rates to help you stay a step ahead of economic factors that hamper your holiday fun.

  • Dividend Savings Account—Earn up to 2% APY in your checking account and get rewards for every dollar you spend on holiday purchases (or anything else) using your debit card.
  • Money Market Account—Earn up to 2.75% APY and still have access to your Christmas cash in one of the best money market accounts in Utah.
  • Term Deposit Account—Start saving for Christmases yet to come while earning up to 4% APY on 18-month deposits and 4.5% APY on 24-month deposits. That’s more than 4-times the current national average!

Get Cash Back

You’re going to be spending more money this holiday season, so it only makes sense that you should get more cash back, right? This year, you can make it snow all season long and shovel in more savings when you use Orange Platinum Visa.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a holiday shipper or a local shopper, you’ll earn something every time you use Orange Platinum Visa. In fact, you’ll get 4% cash back on Amazon purchases and 3% cash back on all other purchases—that’s the best cash back offer of the entire year!

It’s our holiday gift for you to help keep your days merry and bright and your holiday spending light. Just remember to set Orange Platinum Visa as your default card on Amazon and on your smart phone, and keep your physical card “top of wallet” for all other purchases.

Happy Holiday Spending

This year the inflation may be frightful, but you can still make the holidays delightful by earning more money for your money in a Utah First savings account and getting more cash back for your holiday budget.