Utah Home Equity Loans

It’s time to cash in on your crib!

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Utah Home Equity Loans

It’s time to cash in on your crib!

At Utah First, we’re here to put your dreams within reach, so we’re pumped to roll out our sizzling 6.49% HELOC introductory rate for the first six months of your loan. With this epic deal, your next big project, whether swanky home upgrades, jet-setting adventures, or overdue expenses, is literally on the house. Your house, that is!

The best part? All you need to qualify for this offer is a Utah First Personal Checking account! Ready to get started?

Lock In Your Rate

Home Equity Line of Credit

With a Utah First home equity loan or HELOC, your next expense is on the house! You can use the equity in your home to help pay for big events, family vacations, upcoming expenses, or overdue home improvement projects.

  • No annual fee or origination cost**
  • Loan interest that may be eligible for tax deduction
  • Interest-only payment options available
  • Great home equity loan rates

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) works like a credit card: we issue a line of credit based on the equity in your home. You use as much or as little as you want for whatever you want, whenever you need it. And you can switch between fixed and variable interest at any time.

Home Equity Fixed-Rate Lock Option

Save money and get the peace of mind knowing your rate won’t increase with Utah First’s Home Equity Fixed-Rate Lock Option. You’ll have the option to lock in a fixed rate for all or a portion of your HELOC funds, protecting you against market fluctuations. Lock in up to five fixed-rate options at a time. Terms for these fixed rates are available for 1-10 years, with the ability to amortize the payments for up to 15 years.

How It Works

You can have up to five locks and use each for different needs. As you pay down the locked balance on each, the available line of credit amount increases and becomes available for use.

With a Utah First HELOC, your next home improvement project is on the house!

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Calculate Your HELOC Amount

Use the following formula to determine how much you can borrow. Numbers are provided as an example and should be replaced with your specific details.

Value of Your Home $400,000
Loan-to-Value Ratio X 80%
Percentage of Home Value = $320,000
Minus Balance Owed on Home – $200,000
Potential HELOC Amount = $120,000

Home Equity Line of Credit

Variable80% Home Equity30 Years8.50%
Variable70% Jumbo Home Equity30 Years9.50%
Variable90% Home Equity25 Years10.00%
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Fixed-Rate Lock Option

Fixed80% Home Equity5 Years7.25%
Fixed80% Home Equity6-10 Years8.00%
Fixed90% Home Equity5 Years8.75%
Fixed90% Home Equity6-10 Years9.25%
Fixed100% Home Equity5 Years11.00%
Fixed100% Home Equity6-10 Years12.00%
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APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  6.49% APR introductory rate available only on new 80% & 70% Jumbo Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC). Introductory rate applies for the first six (6) months after opening, reverting to the variable rate as shown in the original Credit Agreement. Member must have a Utah First Personal Checking account at the time of funding. Fixed rate lock options are priced based on creditworthiness, amount and term selected, and may vary from your home equity line variable rate, any promotional rate, or the advertised rates shown above. Terms, and eligibility requirements apply. Limited time offer.

*Jumbo loans have an aggregate loan balance of more than $766,550.

**HELOCs up to $250,000 loan amounts are not typically subject to fees or additional costs. All Loans are subject to a recapture fee, equal to the origination costs, if the loan is paid off and closed within 48 months of the original funding date.

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