Shopping Rush

Nov 22, 2021 / Money Tips

Beat the Holiday Shopping Rush with these Helpful Savings Tips

Remember that holiday movie quote about being “grinchy” when Christmas spirit is in short supply? With global supply chain issues and shipping delays making headlines, holiday spirit isn’t the only thing that’s predicted to be in short supply this year. To keep you from feeling grinchy, we’re here to help you get a jump start on your holiday shopping with some tips that can save you money.

Follow the Deals

If you’ve been looking for the season’s hard-to-find holiday gifts, try following a few deal-watching social media feeds. These sources can alert you to the most in-demand holiday items the moment they’re in stock. Check out IGN Deals for technology gifts, BrickSeek for the best prices at most major retailers, and an assortment of smartphone apps for your favorite retailers to get discounts and instant deal alerts.

Get Post-Purchase Prices

Just because you’ve made your final purchase doesn’t mean your shopping should be over. Keep an eye on the prices of everything you buy this holiday season, even weeks after you’ve made your purchases. Many retailers will extend sale prices well after purchase. Some retailers even honor this arrangement between stores (so you don’t return your merchandise and purchase from a competitor). It never hurts to ask, and it never hurts to keep following the sale prices of your holiday gifts, even post-purchase.

Download the App

‘Tis the season (and the year) for online shopping. But before you make a purchase online, try creating an account and/or downloading the retailer’s app on your phone. Often, this simple act will unlock a discount code that you can apply to your holiday purchase. In fact, most retailers offer discount coupons on an ongoing basis. If you don’t see one right away, consider making a quick call or chatting online with a sales agent. Sometimes you can unlock discounts with a quick conversation and some friendly holiday cheer. You might also consider downloading an app or website widget that can automatically search for discount codes at your favorite online retailers.

Go Cashing through the Snow

Your Orange Platinum Visa card has always been a convenient way to complete your holiday shopping. But this year you can cash in on Christmas shopping like never before. When you use your Orange Platinum Visa between Black Friday and the end of the year, you’ll get 4% cash back on Amazon purchases and 3% cash back on all other purchases and balance transfers. That way, you can ship or shop to your holiday heart’s content and get cash back for everything you purchase.

If you already have Orange Platinum Visa, now is the perfect time to use it. If you don’t already have Orange Platinum Visa, now is the perfect time to apply and transfer your balances to get more cash back for Christmas.

A little help can add up to big holiday savings (and keep you from becoming a Grinch when package arrivals push up against holiday deadlines). This year, start shopping early and take advantage of a few savings tips to make the season bright for you and light on your bank account.