Smarter Banking

Manage your finances online or on your phone.

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Smarter Banking

Manage your finances online or on your phone.

We’re a little bit old-school assistance and a little bit modern, online convenience at Utah First. We give members the best of both worlds with the best in-branch experience in the business and an industry-leading Digital Banking platform. Whether you’re banking online through a browser or using one of our dedicated iOS or Android mobile apps, you’ll have everything you need to manage your finances from anywhere.


The Utah First Digital Banking App

The Utah First Digital Banking app keeps your accounts in the palm of your hand. Check your balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, manage loans, and more while you’re on the go. And, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-use, familiar interface built to mirror your in-browser banking experience. Click one of the buttons above to download the app for your iOS or Android mobile device.

Smart Features:

  • Full account access
  • Remote check deposit
  • Card controls
  • Person-to-person payments
  • Bill pay
  • ATM and branch locator
Remote Check Deposit

Need to make a deposit, but don’t want to make a trip to the branch? With Remote Check Deposit, a feature within Digital Banking, you can deposit a check wherever you are, right from the Digital Banking app on your phone. It’s convenient, secure, and safe. Simply deposit your funds in three simple steps, then file the check for your records.

Step 1:  Enroll in Remote Check Deposit
Step 2:  Sign the back of the check
Step 2:  Snap photos of the front and back of the check
Step 4:  Submit the photos to deposit your funds

Card Controls

With Digital Banking, you’re in control of your cards with the following smart features:

  • Temporarily disable lost cards and re-enable them when they’re found
  • Mark cards as lost or stolen
Digital Banking

Whether you’re at home or on the go, an internet connection is all you need to manage your accounts from anywhere. Just log in to our website and you can transfer money or check balances with just a few clicks.

Smart Features:

  • Account info, balances and history
  • Recent transactions
  • Scheduled and instant transfers
  • Message center

Still managing your money through the mail? Maybe it’s time to ditch that paper statement. eStatements are more environmentally responsible and more convenient. When you enroll, you’ll get a monthly email notification with a detailed account summary. And, unlike paper statements, your eStatement is encrypted for the highest level of security.

Smart Features:

  • Account summary
  • Latest news and offerings from Utah First
  • Check history
  • Itemized transaction lists
Online Bill Pay

Busy and want to take something off your plate? Why not let us manage your bills? Use our automatic payment feature so you never forget to pay. You’ll have more time, the lights stay on, and everyone’s happy.

Smart Features:

  • Free with your Utah First Checking Account
  • Safe and secure encryption
  • Automatic payments
  • Easy transfers throughout the U.S.
  • Past payment history
Person-to-Person Payments

In today’s world, every family and every friend group has its own little economy, built around person-to-person payments. Why use a third-party app when you can send payments to people directly from your Utah First account using Digital Banking? Our person-to-person payments are safe and easy, and they save you the hassle of managing another app or of going to the ATM.

Smart Features:

  • Easy person-to-person transfers
  • Safe and secure
  • Precise amount transfers
Business Cash Management

If you’re a business owner or manager, you can manage all of your finances from a personalized online dashboard. View your account history (including shares and loans), available funds, latest transactions, fund transfers, and much more. We use the latest encryption technology, so all your information is secure.

Smart Features:

  • Administrator controlled access
  • ACH processing
  • Wire transfers
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll service
  • Download transactions
  • Transfers — instant or scheduled
  • Receive alerts via email and text
Mobile Wallets

Electronic, touch-free payment is now many peoples’ preferred method for making purchases. Whether you’re using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, Mobile Wallets within Digital Banking makes payment safe and convenient. And it’s easy to add your Utah First Visa credit card or debit card. Just enter your card information and set your Utah First card as the default. To pay in stores, hold your device near the contact-free reader. No more fumbling with your wallet or purse, no more checkout delays, and no more walking around with cash or cards.

Go Digital Today

Whether online or in the mobile app, Digital Banking offers a consistent experience and a convenient way to manage all of your financial needs. It’s easy to get started—simply sign up for a Digital Banking ID, then download our Digital Banking app or login through your web browser.

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