Dec 19, 2019 / Credit

Why Orange Platinum is the New Color of the Season

The holidays are here. The lights are aglow. And decorations of red and green adorn our homes and communities as we get ready for another year of festivities, fun, and good will toward everyone. It’s a season unlike any other. But it also requires a lot of work. As you shop for the perfect gifts for your family, friends, and neighbors, consider adding another color to your holiday palette: orange platinum. This year, we’re helping you get ready for the holidays with rewards and Random Acts of Refund when you use your Orange Platinum Visa.

Random Acts of Refund

During the month of December, Utah First is making Orange Platinum Visa cards extra special. Every day, we are choosing random cardholders to have random purchases refunded. So, if you use your Orange Platinum card for those holiday gift purchases, you may end up getting the money back to put towards something for you! You can learn about the terms and conditions here.

Same Day Approval and Mailing

If you’re worried you won’t get your card in time to finish holiday shopping, fear no more. Our incredibly fast approval process can get you processed and approved the day after you apply. If you’re approved, your card will be mailed out the following day. Now you can jump on all those reward points and increase your chances at Random Acts of Refund as soon as possible.

Fewer Fees, Fixed Interest

Life has too many fees. That’s why Orange Platinum cards have no annual fees to keep more of your money in your pocket. This card also has a fixed interest rate, meaning you won’t get any rude surprises from interest hikes over time. Fewer fees means those extra holiday expenses don’t have to break the bank.

Cell Phone Protection

Between ski trips, sledding days, snowshoe hikes and general holiday hijinks, your phone is going to be in a risky spot no matter how well you try to protect it. But when you pay your phone bill with your Orange Platinum Visa Card, we’ll cover any unfortunate mishaps that might happen to it—whether you drop it in the punchbowl at the holiday party or lose it on the snowy sledding hill. Carry your phone with confidence with Orange Platinum Visa.

Check out how you can supercharge your spending and get amazing perks, including Random Acts of Refund, with an Orange Platinum Visa Card today. Complete an online application here and we’ll get back to you with a great APR offer. Happy holidays and happier holiday spending from Utah First!