Oct 08, 2022 / Money Tips

Are Your Cash and Car Loan Cooperating?

At Utah First, we’re known throughout the state as one of the very best places to get a car loan. Many new members discover and join Utah First every year by financing or refinancing their auto loan purchases. We welcome these applicants with open arms, happy to help yet another Utahn save money.

But some of these new members (maybe you?) have yet to discover the full financial benefit of becoming a member of Utah First. There’s so much more to Utah First than auto loans alone. Here are a few advantages of putting your cash where your car loan is and making Utah First your financial home.

Car Loan Convenience

Combining your car loan with a checking account from Utah First is a natural financial fit. You can check your loan balance and account balance, all in the same convenient mobile app. You can also transfer funds with the tap of a finger or schedule automatic loan payments through the convenience of Digital Banking. In other words, you can manage more of your financial life in a single location. It’s a great way to streamline your money matters and avoid having to remember to make, set up, or keep track of payments from a separate financial institution. It’s one less complication in your otherwise busy life.

Financial Synergies

You already have a great car loan, but you could be getting so much more. That’s because Utah First products work together for your financial benefit. A Utah First loan by itself is great—you’ll save money and get outstanding local loan service. A Utah First loan, together with a checking and savings account and other Utah First products, can elevate your financial game to elite levels.

When you pair your Utah First loan with a Utah First debit card or Orange Platinum Visa, you earn rewards (gifts cards, travel, cash back) every time you buy anything—including gas for your new car. You can also save smarter for your next big purchase (or pay off your auto loan faster) with a Utah First money market or term deposit—accounts that go above and beyond average market earnings. Our products are designed with synergies in mind, so you can get the full financial benefit of being a member.

Member Benefits

As you might have seen, everything Utah First does is for your financial benefit. The sole reason we exist is to benefit our members. We’re not beholden to outside entities or shareholders. We make decisions to help our members succeed in their personal and financial lives—that’s it. You reap the rewards of your credit union’s success through savings that gets passed to you by way of better earnings and more affordable loan rates.

Becoming a full-fledged member of Utah First gives you other conveniences and advantages too. You get simple, highly affordable overdraft protection on your account. You get debit card rewards (not just credit card rewards) for every dollar you spend. And, there’s never any sneaky hidden fees or minimum balance requirements that some financial institutions use to make money.

Make Utah First Your Financial Home

If you have an auto loan with Utah First but haven’t discovered the many advantages of becoming a member, it’s time to make Utah First your financial home. If you’re still not convinced, please take a few minutes to compare Utah First with other banks and credit unions. We invite you to stop by a branch and meet with other member-owners or take a look at our website and compare rates, products, and services. Either way, welcome to the Utah First family. We hope you’ll take full advantage of becoming part owner of a credit union that puts people and community first.