Feb 24, 2023 / News

A More Direct Way to Do Direct Deposit

As part of an ongoing commitment to make financial life more convenient for members, Utah First is introducing a new way to do direct deposit. While direct deposit has always been the best way to get paid, setting up direct deposit has never been all that direct. But that’s about to change thanks to our new do-it-yourself direct deposit feature!

Utah First members can now set up and make changes to their direct deposits in just a few minutes—all from the convenience of their home computer or mobile phone. The new process is fast, easy, and completely secure—the way direct deposit should be.

By accessing direct deposit through Digital Banking, members can select their preferred destination Utah First accounts, choose a payroll provider from the menu, enter payroll credentials, and future paychecks will be automatically, directly deposited. Easy as that!

Making changes to direct deposit is also simple. Members can distribute different dollar amounts into different Utah First accounts—allocating a portion to checking, savings, and money market accounts, for example—at any time. Best of all, members can manage everything on their own, saving the hassle of having to make extra money transfers between accounts every month.

Utah First is among the first financial institutions in the country to introduce this innovative way to automate and personally manage direct deposit. In addition to giving members more control over their finances, the new feature will improve the overall banking experience at Utah First.

“Our new direct deposit process is simple to use, it will save our members time, and make saving money and managing finances easier than ever,” said Darin Moody, Utah First CEO. “We’re always trying to go the extra mile for our members to make their banking experience better. This is just another example of Utah First putting people first and staying on the cutting edge of industry technology to benefit our members.”

The new Utah First direct deposit process is powered by Atomic, an industry leader in payroll and direct deposit services. Atomic is a homegrown Utah company, headquartered in Salt Lake City, with team members distributed across the country. It’s another way Utah First is putting Utah first and connecting members with their community.

Direct deposit is an essential part of managing finances. Now, Utah First members can enjoy a quick, convenient setup process that lives up to its direct deposit name. To learn more about the new direct deposit setup and management process, check out our simple tutorial video for a step-by-step visual walkthrough.