Apr 21, 2023 / Money Tips

5 Reasons to Check Out a Utah First Checking Account

As banking continues to evolve, why are so many checking accounts stuck in the past? They come with old-fashioned fees, pricey overdraft protection, and antiquated account access. Isn’t it about time for the checking account to change?

At Utah First, you get all the checking account features you need to manage your money in a modern world. It’s not the future, it’s just the future of checking. Here are 5 (futuristic) reasons you should check out a Utah First checking account.

1. Revolutionary Debit Rewards

When it comes to rewards, why should credit cards get all the credit? At Utah First, you earn one reward point for every dollar you spend with your debit card too. You can redeem your points for gift cards, unrestricted travel, or even cash back. Plus, your debit card rewards combine with your Orange Platinum Visa rewards, so you can hoard points to your heart’s content. It’s literally a more rewarding checking account.

2. Innovative Digital Banking

Your phone is the future of checking! With Digital Banking on your Utah First app, you can freeze and unfreeze purchase activity on your debit card. You can deposit checks remotely with a few taps of your screen. You can even pay bills, check balances, and make person-to-person payments—all from the convenience of your phone.

3. Unprecedented Overdraft Protection

At Utah First, we’ve always been pioneers in minimizing and eliminating fees. We’re paving the way forward yet again with a checking account that gives you affordable overdraft protection. That means you can pay with confidence, knowing your purchase will go through, even if the amount exceeds your balance. You also get an “oops” buffer, so overdraft will only kick in if your balance deficit surpasses $5.

4. Ultra-Modern Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets are the way of the future. With a Utah First checking account, you can process payments with a tap of a finger on your phone. Just add your debit card to your digital wallet, and pay away. You can also use tap-to-pay with your Utah First debit card. Just hold your card to compatible readers and your payment is processed.

5. Account Access to Infinity and Beyond

Your account shouldn’t be restricted by artificial branch boundaries. You should have unlimited access to your money, no matter where you are. With a Utah First checking account, you get free access to 30,000 ATMs and more than 5,000 shared branches nationwide, so you’re never far from any financial transaction.

The future of checking has arrived! Are you ready to embrace it? Compare plans and choose the checking account that fits your future!