Sep 22, 2021 / Local Utah

Learning Financial Lessons That Last a Lifetime

Back-to-school season is back again. Kids across the state are hard at work, preparing for a better, brighter future, and Utah First wants to make sure that their future includes healthy financial habits—and healthy bank balances to boot!

Real Life Money Lessons

Inspired by local Utah students’ passionate pursuit of education, their thirst for knowledge, and the sometimes-heavy financial burdens of being a student in 2021, Utah First is implementing series of programs aimed at giving Utah students a head start when it comes to their college tuition.

The Cash for College program—a scholarship program open to Utah First members who are actively enrolled at any college, university, or trade school—supports those who are working their way through post-high school education.

To become eligible, members simply declare their status as a student. Each quarter, Utah First selects 25 students at random, each of whom will receive $1,000 to help offset the cost of attending school. The first set of scholarships will be awarded this October.

“This program is a reflection of our desire to be significant in the lives of our members,” said Darin Moody, Chief Executive Officer at Utah First. “A thousand dollars of education-related assistance can relieve a little bit of the financial burden associated with gaining an education.”

Students across the state are back in school learning math, science, language arts and other subjects that will lead to a bright future. Thanks to Utah First, many of them will also be learning valuable financial principles and preparing for a healthy financial future—all while feeling just a little bit less stressed about how to pay for it all.

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