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Nov 01, 2023 / Local Utah

Utah First Rocks the Top Workplace Charts for 2023!

Salt Lake City’s coolest credit union, Utah First, is celebrating a major win. We’ve just snagged a Top Workplaces title from The Salt Lake Tribune for 2023! The Tribune officially announced the Top Workplaces winners on October 25th at the Annual Awards Ceremony in Downtown Salt Lake City to recognize our achievement. Below, we break down what this award is, what it means for us, how we made the cut, and what makes working here such a blast!

About the Top Workplaces Award

The Top Workplaces Award is a yearly recognition program The Salt Lake Tribune has organized for the past 10 years. It’s a way to appreciate companies that excel in keeping their employees happy and involved and to recognize their efforts in creating a workplace culture where every employee feels valued, heard, and appreciated. The award is based on employee feedback collected through a comprehensive survey by Energage, a leading culture technology firm. The survey evaluates several aspects of the workplace, like organizational values, leadership, communication, and more.

Winning the Top Workplaces award is more than just a shiny plaque in our lobby (although it is a pretty cool perk). It’s a testament to Utah First as an awesome organization and is like getting a big thumbs-up from our team, showing we’re on the right track. In a nutshell, this award shouts that we’re a fantastic place to work, a dynamic force in the financial world, and a community that cares. We’re excited to continue in excellence with our terrific team!

What Makes Utah First an Awesome Workplace?

Here’s some of the feedback we got from employees about why they love working here.

We’re Driven by a Unique Purpose

At Utah First, our mission is to be significant in the lives of our members, employees, and the community. We’re not just another faceless financial institution sitting behind desks — we’re a group of real people who are always available, know our employees and members by name, and care about each one. One employee said, “I find Utah First employees really believe and live the mission statement… I love being part of this organization.”

Our team members feel great about their work, knowing they’re making a positive impact on the people they serve, and look forward to working each day. They appreciate that they’re not just punching in for a paycheck but for a purpose — to support the underserved and lighten their financial load.

We’re Led by Caring Leadership

Our leadership team isn’t just about directives and memos. They genuinely care about what we think and feel, providing avenues like the CEO Seminar to express opinions and ensure employees feel heard and cared for. As our VP of Corporate Development put it, “This is a real honor to be selected as a Top Workplace. To me, it’s really a recognition that our employees see us as engaging and responsive to their needs and our member’s needs. A great reflection on all our employees and the great work that they do to live up to our mission.”

We Provide a Competitive, Balanced Work Environment

Our workplace is far from being all business. We love a good mix of work and play! Utah First is a unique blend of competition, creativity, and support where employees can have fun, learn, and grow. Unlike old-fashioned banks, we empower our employees to explore creative loan solutions and find ways to say “yes” to colorful credit or credit that doesn’t meet the traditional lending standards of other institutions. This underscores our commitment to not only fulfilling our mission but also to fostering a work environment that challenges employees and helps them develop professionally.

We’re the Trendsetters of Finance

We aren’t the kind of business that settles for the same old ways of doing things. Utah First is known for being ahead of the curve in the credit union world, always looking for new ideas, exploring fresh opportunities, and thinking outside the banking box. This approach has given rise to our efficient loan processing and fast underwriting processes, which empower employees to provide the best possible service to members and makes Utah First an exciting place to work. We’re stoked that this award recognizes our innovative spirit and non-traditional approach to lending!

We Celebrate Individuality in All Its Forms

Last but not least, we’re a credit union that breaks from the norms of conventional banking and embraces diversity. In a buttoned-down industry, Utah First stands out by serving cannabis accounts, welcoming self-expression through colorful hair, tattoos, and piercings, and celebrating individuality in ways that many old-school bankers might shy away from. This open-minded approach sets a refreshing tone within the organization and resonates with employees and members who value an open-minded financial institution.

By embracing these differences, Utah First fosters an inclusive culture that leads to happier employees and paves the way for forward-thinking financial services. That’s how we roll!

A Shoutout to Our Employees

So, there you have it! Our unique purpose, caring leadership, innovative spirit, fun and creative work environment, and celebration of individuality are just a few reasons behind our win.

We want to give a huge shoutout to our amazing employees who make Utah First the incredible place it is. This win wouldn’t have been possible without your dedication, passion, and enthusiasm. You’re the reason we’re celebrating this victory and the real stars of our workplace. Thanks for being a part of this journey! We’re excited to continue on the path of excellence with you.