Apr 14, 2023 / News

Utah First Named Top 100 Credit Union In the Country

Utah First has been named as one of the top 100 credit unions in the United States by S&P Global Market Intelligence. This ranking assesses the performance of credit unions and banks across the country, based on returns, growth, and efficiency—with a particular emphasis on the strength and risk profile of balance sheets. As a homegrown, true-to-Utah credit union, we are honored to add yet another accolade to our growing list of national recognitions.

“This recognition speaks to our proven financial approach and commitment to sound financial practices, but more importantly, it speaks to our core value of putting people and community first,” said Darin Moody, Utah First CEO. “With every dollar we invest and every financial decision we make, we try to stay true to our namesake. Our commitment to helping members and putting people over profits works. It has helped our members to grow as individuals and our credit union to grow collectively.”

A Recognition for Financial Stability

Among other honors and implications, this ranking underscores the financial stability of Utah First. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, the ranking was based on a variety of financial factors, but gave special emphasis to the strength and risk profile of balance sheets.

At a time when banks are making news headlines for all the wrong reasons, this industry recognition, based on financial stability, is not news to us. We have always made every financial decision for the benefit of our members. Our financial practices have always been prudent and our first priority has always been to maximize the security of funds and the longevity of our institution.

A Recognition that Hits Close to Home

As a member-owned Utah credit union, national recognition is always a little uncomfortable, and a lot ironic. As we go about our business of helping members achieve their goals and find financial peace of mind, the industry honors follow.

Our philosophy has always been, and will always be, to put people first. With this core value as our guide, the returns, growth, and efficiency are a natural product of our people-centered approach. We are grateful for national honors and recognitions, but we understand that our growth is only a reflection of our members’ success.

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