Jul 15, 2021 / Auto & RV

Celebrate the Summer Road Trip at Utah First

We all love Utah, but summer is for seeing what else the world has to offer, or at least what you can see of the rest of the state. Here are a few interesting facts and a few helpful suggestions about the summer road trip to get you excited, keep you safe, and save you some money, just in time for your next adventure.

1. Share the Roads

It’s the resurgence of the summer road trip! Maybe it’s the result of being cooped up for the better part of a year, but a lot of Americans will be hitting the open road this summer. In fact, nearly three out of four Americans are planning to take a road trip in the next few months. This comes after less than half of Americans took a road trip in 2020. It’s going to be a busy summer for road trips, so stay safe, stay alert, and be mindful of the increase in traffic on the roads.

2. Beware of Gas Prices

The current national average price for gas is at $3.15 per gallon, and in Utah it’s about $3.68 per gallon—a full half dollar higher. Prices are steadily increasing with an increase in demand. In fact, demand for gas in some areas of the country is higher than it’s been in 30 years. Considering the vast majority of Americans plan to travel more than 200 miles for their next road trip, that’s at least $630 in fuel costs alone—more if your trip takes you through Utah. Better find a way to save money on your road trip some other way (hint: see number 4).

3. Plan Ahead

With so many people planning a summer road trip, hotels, amusement parks, museums, restaurants, and other popular destinations are busier than ever. In fact, RV rentals are up 350% from last year—a symbol that summer road trip season is in full swing. That means it’s best to plan ahead. Book reservations early and plan your travels around peak times, like weekends. Some parks, beaches, and amusement destinations will post information about busy times, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

4. Start Your Road Trip at Utah First

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No matter where you decide to go this summer, stay safe, have fun, and start your summer road trip with a stop at Utah First, where you can get a 1.49% auto loan for up to 5 years on new purchases and refinances. Visit a branch or apply online today.