Jun 09, 2020 / Uncategorized

Upgrade Your Summer Staycation Surroundings

This spring, homes all across Utah transformed into classrooms, offices, churches, playgrounds, and more. But with all that extra time in your home sweet home, you might have noticed a few not-so-sweet features and/or quirky qualities that could use your attention. This summer is the perfect opportunity to finally tackle those home improvement to-dos, while also transforming your home yet again—this time into a dream staycation destination!

Start Outdoors

A big part of summer is enjoying the great outdoors. Get to those long overdue projects in the yard. Replace that dilapidated fence. Put in a patio, complete with an outdoor grill and eating space. Install a swing set for the kids or grandkids. Or, finally put in that pool you’ve been thinking about. Now is the time to seriously consider diverting your would-be vacation dollars toward any outdoor improvement project that allows you to enjoy your summer.

Move Indoors

Summer vacations don’t just have to be fun in the sun. They also mean spending time relaxing indoors and finding some well-deserved rest from the stresses of life. Your home is your sanctuary, but if months of being cooped up inside make you want to pull your hair out, your home isn’t doing its job. Consider painting or re-carpeting your house, refurnishing a few rooms, adding some extra space, or finally giving yourself that gourmet kitchen (now that you’re cooking more meals at home).

Upgrade Affordably

If now is the right time to upgrade your staycation surroundings, you might as well do it affordably. A Utah First Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can help you see the happy times ahead and the affordable fun that can be had in home improvement projects. Right now, interest rates are nearing historic lows, which means you can get a great rate on a HELOC to make your summer staycation a truly desirable destination.

And if you have to be on lockdown, it’s only fair that your interest rate should have to stay put too. A Utah First HELOC gives you the ability to swing between adjustable and fixed interest at any time, so you can lock in that great rate whenever you want. In addition, a Utah First HELOC includes: no annual fees or origination costs, loan interest that may be tax deductible, and available interest-only payment options.

Summer fun and home improvement projects don’t have to be put on hold. Realize your dream staycation destination this summer with the help of a Utah First HELOC.