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Be Prepared.

This motto never goes out of style… You can’t plan for everything, but it’s nice to know you’re covered. That’s why we offer our members affordable rates on GAP insurance and Payment Protection. If life throws you a curve ball, you’ll still be able to hit it out of the park.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)

GAP, well, covers any gaps in your car loan. You see, when you buy a car, your loan value may be higher than the value of the car. If something happens to your car, your insurance company will only give you the value of the car – which means you’ll be stuck making payments on a car you aren’t driving.

A GAP insurance policy protects you by paying the difference between your loan and your car’s value. GAP insurance from Utah First is often cheaper than what dealerships offer. We’ll have you safely covered and cruisin’ in style.

Payment Protection

Unexpected injuries or illnesses can keep you from working, but your bills still need to get paid. Payment Protection Insurance keeps you covered if you can’t work by taking care of your loan payment. To find out more, call us at 800-234-0729.

Payment Protection Features:

  • Affordable Rates
  • No Medical Exam
  • No Additional Bill
We'll Keep You in the Game.

Don't let life's little surprises put you on the bench. A little extra coverage goes a long way. We'll help you stay on your feet and in the game. It's all about teamwork.

Protect Yourself
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