How to Tell if Your Car is Made in America

We all know our foreign-made cars apart from our American-made cars. Subaru hails from Japan and Kias are only manufactured in South Korea, right?  It’s actually not as clear cut as you might think. A lot of foreign-made cars are actually made in America. But why does that matter to you?

This summer, Utah First is offering incredible auto loan rates for cars made in America. Interest rates are hitting rock bottom lows of 1.99%, and they’re available for owners of American-made cars. It’s a can’t-miss offer that won’t last forever.

Now that we have your attention, we’re sure you’re anxious to discover if you qualify for this low rate. Did you know that the Hyundai Santa Fe hails from Georgia and that the Honda Accord is from Alabama? Or that Subaru claims its Legacy in Indiana? Surprising, right? Here is a list of other cars made in the USA:


Chances are you qualify for this loan, and if you don’t see your car on the list, you can always contact us to determine if your car still qualifies for this amazing interest rate. Even if your car doesn’t qualify for the 1.99% auto loan, we are still offering foreign-made cars financing as low as 2.49%. You certainly don’t want to wait around because it doesn’t get better than this, apply now!

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